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As a global company with the footprint of a small country, we have the responsibility - and the opportunity - to leave a lasting impact on the world. As a family-owned business, we have the ability to think in generations, rather than just business quarters and have our Purpose to guide us on our way. What we do is only as good as how we do it, a goal reflected in our Purpose. We challenge our Associates, partners and suppliers to join us in transforming the way we do business every day.

Our Brands

For generations, you and your family — including the four-legged members — have loved our brands, products, and services. Our Associates are working to ensure that everything you know and love consistently evolves to deliver the best for your family.

Our guiding Principles

The Five Principles are the foundation of how we do business today and every day for more than 100 years. Mars Associates in every country are committed to Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom, and use our Principles to guide their decisions.

Associate Concept

The Associate Concept defines the relationship between our business and our people – at Mars we’re more than employees; we're Associates. 

Our culture is about give and take – you give your best to the business every day and you should expect the best in return.

People Leadership

Leadership isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s about how we get the job done. The Mars Way means role-modelling The Five Principles and delivering on the Associate Concept as you influence others to achieve a shared objective.

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