Visiting guest lecture from RTS Decaux for AlmaU students "Technologies and innovations are the future of outdoor advertising".

Outdoor advertising is one of the most common forms of promotion of goods and services, but in recent years it has undergone significant changes due to the development of technology. Modern billboards and signage are no longer limited to static images. Today, outdoor advertising can be interactive, dynamic and personalized.

One of the key innovations in this area is the use of digital displays. They allow you to display not only images, but also videos, as well as change the content of ads in real time. This opens up new opportunities for marketers, allowing them to adapt advertising messages depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and even the behavior of the audience.

Another important trend is the use of Big Data. Collecting and analyzing data on people's movements, preferences and behavior allows you to create more accurate and effective advertising campaigns. For example, using the data, you can identify the most visited places and optimize the placement of billboards so that they are as visible as possible to the target audience.

Interactive technologies are also gaining popularity. Touchscreens, QR codes and augmented reality technologies allow consumers to interact with advertising, which makes it more exciting and memorable. Such approaches help to create a deeper connection between the brand and the consumer.

In addition, the environmental aspects of outdoor advertising are becoming increasingly important. Modern companies strive to reduce their environmental footprint by using energy-efficient technologies and recyclable materials. This not only contributes to environmental protection, but also improves the company's image in the eyes of consumers.

In conclusion, we can say that the future of outdoor advertising is connected with the integration of new technologies and innovative approaches. Companies that can adapt to these changes and use them in their strategies will have a significant competitive advantage. Lectures and events like the one organized by RTS Decaux play a key role in preparing young professionals for these changes, providing them with the necessary knowledge and inspiration for a successful career in advertising.

We are proud to share our impressions of our latest guest lecture organized by RTS Decaux for students! This lecture became a real event for all participants, leaving behind a lot of positive emotions and useful knowledge.

The specialists of RTS Decaux, a leader in the field of outdoor advertising, held an exciting and informative event where they shared their professional experience and talked about modern technologies and innovations in this field. Students learned about the latest trends in outdoor advertising, how data is used to create targeted advertising campaigns, and what technologies help make advertising more effective and visible.

The meeting was held in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, where students had the opportunity to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers from experts. Of particular interest was the story about how the company uses innovative solutions to improve urban space and how outdoor advertising can influence the perception of the environment.

Visiting the RTS Decaux office has also become an important part of the program. Students were able to see firsthand how professionals work and learn about how work is organized in one of the leading companies in the field of outdoor advertising. This gave them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the work atmosphere and get an idea of what skills and knowledge are necessary for a successful career in this field.0

We sincerely thank RTS Decaux for organizing this wonderful lecture. The information and inspiration received will be an important step towards professional growth for students. We hope for further cooperation and new joint projects that will help our students develop and reach new heights in their future careers.

This lecture once again confirmed the importance of practical knowledge and direct communication with professionals. Students got a unique opportunity to expand their horizons and look at their future profession from a new perspective. We are confident that such events play a key role in the training of highly qualified specialists and inspire them to reach new heights.


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