How to show your interest in an interview

Often, drive and interest in a job can outweigh a candidate's other qualities. Therefore, it is important to show your interest during the interview to increase your chances of getting hired.

Show your interest:

Interest in the company:

Company knowledge: Find out the company's main activities, significant achievements, services provided or products manufactured.

Why you want to work here: Explain why you are interested in this company. Share how you see yourself in the company and how you can prove yourself by working here. Show that you like the company's development vector.

Understanding Workflows:

Professionalism: Tell us about your experience and successes in similar positions. Show that you understand your future responsibilities.

Questions and clarifications: Ask questions about important nuances of work to eliminate any “blind spots” in your future work day. This will show your interest and desire to do your job effectively.

Initiative: Emphasize your willingness to take initiative, as proactive employees are always valued more.

Career expectations:

Growth and Development: Explain that you want to develop your skills and experience and cope effectively with complex tasks. If you are interested in career growth, do not hide it and say that you want to climb the career ladder.

Alignment of goals: Your career expectations and the company's opportunities must coincide to ensure a productive collaboration.

Material Expectations:

Know your price: Make sure you know the average salary in your area in the region and determine an acceptable amount for yourself.

Discussion of salary: At the stage of discussion of salary, make it clear to the employer that the future salary will suit you. Be realistic in your expectations.

Long-term cooperation:

Questions about the company and position: Prepare a series of questions about the company and your future position. This will show that you are committed to long-term cooperation.

Positive Impression: Try to make a good impression on the employer. A satisfied candidate is likely to stay with the company for a long time and will be happy to perform his duties.


Showing your interest in the company and position will increase your chances of being hired successfully. Convince the employer that you are an ideal candidate who really wants to work here and is ready to contribute to the development of the company.


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